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4 ways biotechnology is transforming human life


Biotechnology, a technology that was developed to utilize the biological system to make human life easier.

In simple words, the technology is based on biology to improve our lives effectively by creating products to enhance human life on the planet. Not only this, it prevails long term benefits to our planet and us, by going sustainable in agriculture production, drug production, fuels, and chemicals, etc.

Apart from improving human and planet life, Biotechnology has also proven to be one of the fastest pacing employment providing sectors in India as well as across the globe.

Ways in which Biotechnology is transforming human life 

The world is changing drastically, developing in every sector, and by growing at this speed human needs are also increasing rapidly, and that’s where biotechnology is playing a huge role- providing solutions for our day-to-day needs.

Sustainable Bioproduction of energy and fuels

It’s brutal but this is a stated fact that humans have consumed more than 50% of the fossils which are not renewable and that leads to the warming of our planet. Biotechnology works toward artificial biosynthesis which is a process in which living organisms are used to create these non-renewable resources for our day to day life such as fuel.

Modified food production

With the promptly increasing human needs for every resource, food is one of the major need for our living and the production of crops with the old methods for a huge population is not an easy task. Hence, by Genetic Modification of crops, the agricultural sector has improved drastically from the year 2011 and fulfilling humans need in every country. Biotechnology is something which is used by developing and developed countries too for the production of food and other agriculture activities.

Carbon dioxide as a raw material

Of course, you must have read about this in your secondary classes about solar energy, gobar gas, etc. Carbon dioxide is fugitive to the planet and biotechnology works towards converting waste energy for our benefits such as generating fuel and energy.

Brisk and rapid growth in the production of vaccines and medication

Yes, vaccines and medication, we all know how important it is in today’s world to have proper medication facilities available. If we talk about today’s time, how patiently we all are waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine because as a human we all want to be on a safer side and protected from all these diseases which are spreading. Biotechnology has been prominent to these advances, this technology helps to fight the disease in our body by targeting specific cells, boost the capacity of the human body, etc. The medical sector needs biotechnology the most as human life depends on it.


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