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Career Scope (Jobs) after MSc Biotechnology in India And Abroad

Career Scope (Jobs) after MSc Biotechnology in India And Abroad

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field that includes physics, maths, chemistry, and engineering. Combining all these technologies a new product is developed or some old product is modified, based on human and environmental needs.


Biotechnology is seeing huge growth in recent years and even more beneficial scientific advancements are made with time. Biotechnology is the most fast-growing field and popular among youth for their career perspective because of its extensive application in various industries majorly in medicines, chemicals, food, textiles, animal science, environment, and the list goes on.


With literally tons of industries involved in biotechnology,  the field has ample opportunities for students with M.Sc. in Biotechnology for their better career options.


Biotechnology is one of the broad areas of biology, involving organisms to recreate and produce To put it simply into words, Biotechnology harnesses bio-molecular and cellular process to develop product and technologies aiding in the betterment of human lives and our planet. We are using Biotechnology for many years. Cheese and Bread are the simplest examples of Biotechnology used in daily life.



Msc Biotechnology
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The major application of biotechnology is in 4 industries, including health care(medical), crop production, agriculture, non-food industries, and the most important one environment. Biotechnology is a research-oriented field. One must possess some sound technical skills in biotechnology along with some behavioral skills such as good listening skills, proactive, analytical skills, promptness, team spirit, and investigatory skills to get a good job.



M.Sc. Biotechnology:


Masters of Science in Biotechnology (M.Sc Biotech) is a postgraduate Biotechnology course. It is a field of applied biology that deals with the usage of living organisms and bioprocesses in technology, engineering, medicine and other fields requiring bio-products.


The main idea of Biotechnology is to provide exceptional courses or curriculum serving students with strong vocational and professional skills development. It also aims at training students in the field of Biotechnology such as Genetic Engineering, Agricultural Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Applied Microbiology, and Bioprocess Technology.


Master of Science Degree would help students with professional and scientific knowledge aiding them with entry-level competency. M.Sc. syllabus is not just theory but the syllabus also emphasizes providing practical knowledge to students in their chosen specialization. Generally, the subject opted by students for specialization is same as chosen by them in their graduate studies


The duration of M.Sc. (Biotechnology) is generally for two years and this two year study period is divided into four semesters.



Eligibility for pursuing the M.Sc. course is graduation in any of the subject Biology, Chemistry, Maths (BAMS, MBBS, BHMS, BPT, and B.Pharm.)


Admission Process:  Admission in any of the national level college is purely based on entrance level examination. Some of the entrance exams include JAM, GATE, CEEB, etc. Students can get admission on the basis of their graduation marks in other colleges, in which entrance tests are not required.



Why choose M.Sc. Biotechnology?


Masters in Biotechnology is a purely research-oriented subject that amalgamates the disciplines of Biology And Technology. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India and is expected to see growth in the coming years.


The field is just too vast, encompassing the widely spread biotech industries, innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, that help student with a stable professional career with ample job opportunities in India as well as Abroad.


The syllabus of M.Sc. biotechnology is designed in such a unique way that helps students understand and enhance their knowledge about the subject and its disciplines such as animal biotechnology, food technology, genetics, and plant biotechnology.


Students with Postgraduate degrees have a plethora of career opportunities. They are hired as Research Biochemist,  Sr. Associate Scientist, Regulatory Affairs Associate, Biotechnical Researchers,  Quality controller or Engineer, Regional Manager in different industries such as Biotechnology research organization, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, etc.



Scope after M.Sc. in India:


M.Sc. Biotechnology has good scope in India,  Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science that includes not just biology but also subjects like mathematics, chemistry,  physics, and engineering.


Major fields where biotechnology students work as professionals are Agricultural, Medicine and health care, Industries trial research, Environment Research and development, and animal husbandry, etc.


Candidates having a Master’s degree in BioSciences can get a job in corporate and government sectors. Qualified Bio-technologists mostly get into jobs with different drug( pharmaceutical) companies, chemical, bioprocessing industries, agriculture-related industries, and pollution control industries in India and abroad as well.


Also, Masters degree holder in Biotechnology, are eligible for most of the Research Jobs in various research and development department of companies. In India, few big organization takes student only who have qualified any of the national level entrance exams like DBT BET, CSIR NET, GATE, ARS NET, ICMR JRF, etc.


This is not the end of scope and opportunities. Qualified biotechnologist opts other options also. one of them is opting for a Ph.D.


One can simply apply for some corporate Research job with a small company and grow with time.


One can go for teaching jobs in college or universities.



M.Sc. biotechnology Career/ job Types


1. Pharma Marketing Companies


2.Clinical Research Canters


3. Medical Device Manufacturers


College And Universities



M.Sc. Biotechnology career prospects:


Biotechnology is a vast area where students with varied interests are hired. The employer also asks for different skills set like communication, promptness, etc. The degree in M.Sc. further leads you to a job where one can get a really good salary. Some of the most popular and most opted career options are :


Biochemist, Quality Control Analyst, Senior Research Scientist, Biomedical Engineer, Crime Lab Technician, Research Associate, Validation Technician. and many others.


One should choose his/her career keeping his own abilities and qualities in mind.  Biotechnology has a vast area in terms of career opportunities. Most importantly your contribution can make a difference in human life.



Job Opportunities in Abroad:


Biotech is one of those fields seeing a good boon as a good career prospect for students. If you are looking for ob opportunities after MSc in Abroad, you must surely be up-to-date with the new technologies and advancements taking place in this fast-emerging field.


International companies hiring check cross-disciplinary education. Therefore it becomes difficult for the people who are trained in one discipline. But getting a job abroad is not an easy task. As a fresher, it is difficult, as they prefer experienced professionals.


Now, let’s talk about Job Opportunities for Biotech Students in Abroad. In a foreign land, you will be paid more than India, and with time as your experience and knowledge grow in this field, you will end up with increased pay-cheques. Germany and the USA are known to be the best counties for careers in Biotechnology.


If we talk about jobs in a foreign land then most of the companies are of medicines, F&B industries, which have their unit in India as well. So it doesn’t make much of a difference but again it depends completely on your own choice as the salaries would be definitely higher than in India.


Some of the prominent organizations that hire such M.Sc. Biotechnology Students are Baxter, Merck, Biocon, Bio-ceramics, Torrent Pharma, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Cadila Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline, Invitrogen, IFGL, Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Dr.Reddy’s labs, Jubilant life sciences, Orbees medical, Wockhardt.


If you hold a Masters’s Degree in Biotechnology, getting a research job is quite easier for you. But more preference is given to the candidate who has qualified certificate of National Level entrance exams including ARS NET, JRF, GATE, CSIR NET, ICMR, DBT NET.


After completing your MSc in Biotechnology, you can also opt for some best options like:



  • Grab more by opting for Ph.D
  • Why not enter into the corporate world? You can also apply for Research Jobs in the Corporate sector which is a bit difficult but a good try can lead you with a good future.
  • Apply for professor or teacher jobs in some renowned institutes.
  • Opt for the Business Development and Marketing job.
  • The last option can be to get into an MBA.


The best conclusion can be drawn only by knowing some particular facts and figures of countries that are leading in the Biotechnology Industry globally. Countries having more Biotech industries must be having more opportunities. USA holds the first rank in having a maximum number of biotech firms with Spain coming next followed by France, Korea, Germany, UK, rounding out the top five countries.


If you have completed your studies or pursued your biotech degree from a foreign country, then getting a good job in that particular country is quite easy.


This is not the end of the list, the list goes on, the area of Biotechnology is wide. You can make your career in any field such as medical science, microbiology, process development science, clinical research, etc. The choice is all yours depending on your passion and interest.


We hope that we have helped you with good knowledge about Jobs After M.Sc. biotechnology in Abroad. If you still have any doubts left, you can let us know. We would surely help you guide your ways to a better future. Stay tuned to

  • A comprehensive guide to career scope, job opportunities,professional development in India and abroad after completing an MSc in biotechnology

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