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Everything About MSC Biotechnology

Everything About MSC Biotechnology

Hello to all the science students out there! Are you people confused about your career after B. Sc.? Well, you are not stopping here, are you? A bachelor’s degree is the foundation of your entire career, but what would be the use of the foundation if you aren’t building anything above that? A Master’s in Science degree is what you need right now. Wait, do you happen to be a graduate in Bachelor of Science Biotechnology? Well, then this blog is crafted right for you!

Master of Science:

Master of Science (M. Sc.) is a two-year-long postgraduate degree course that is offered in almost all the recognized universities in multiple specialized science fields like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Food sciences, Environmental sciences, etc.

Now, we will talk specifically about the Master of Science in biotechnology. It is a career-oriented course in which topics such as Genetics, Cell technology, fermentation technology, tumor, advanced biotechnology, etc. are covered and studied thoroughly. It is a course that is aimed at students after finishing their Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, to study the technique of producing bio-products by using living organisms and attain advanced knowledge about the application of Biology and Chemistry in the field of engineering and technology. Usually, this course is implemented in fields like engineering, medicine, and also technology. Students can easily aim to get employed in pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies after completing this degree in Master of Science in Biotechnology and especially those who already see a future associated with science and technology to contribute to the medicinal industry should surely apply for this intense, yet important course. Those aspiring for a career in R&D can also look forward to this course. Colleges like Blalbiotech can be a major breakthrough for students in the field of biotechnology.

Few subjects included in this course are:

  • Advanced biological chemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Principles of bacteriology and virology
  • Genetic engineering
  • Plant biology
  • Animal biotechnology
  • Immunology
  • Cell biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Genomics and proteomics
  • Fermentation technology and bioprocess technology
  • Bio-entrepreneurship
  • Nano-biotechnology
  • Food technology
  • Stem cell technology and regenerative medicines


These are a few subjects that are covered and studied thoroughly in the Master of Science in Biotechnology.


Eligibility Criteria-

There are certain eligibility criteria to get admitted to this course. Students planning for a Master of Science in Biotechnology should clearly consider these questions before applying for one.

  • The student must have completed an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science in agricultural science along with life science like biochemistry, botany, zoology, microbiology, etc. to apply for a master’s in biotechnology.
  • In the major recognized universities and institutions that offer this course ask for a minimum of 55% in the bachelor’s to continue study with me.

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Duration and fee structure-

The duration of this course is 2 years, which is divided into four semesters. Although the fee always depends upon the university we are admitted to, yet the normally witnessed fee of this course is about 40000 to 2 lakhs rupees.

Entrance tests-

Okay so now we talk about all the entrance tests that are necessary for taking admission to this program.

Usually, JAM (Joint Admission Test) is considered to be the gateway to this course, but there are few other tests like JNU CEEB, Gate, Manipal University online entrance stress, etc. to roll into the science of biotechnology.

Admission process-

The admission process is not much hard once you clear the entrance tests about which we talked previously. And moreover, it may differ as every individual university or institution has its own unique and different admission process.

With this, we conclude this blog here with the hope that all of you will take yourselves and your family while at the same time your education should not be compromised. Give an entrance test and get a seat in Master of Science in Biotechnology, and for that purpose, you can find the best option at Having a great day ahead!

We hope you liked our blog and would love it if you reach out to us regarding any doubts whatsoever. Blalbiotech provides the best biotechnology studies for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

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