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How to Prepare for Your Placement with Biotech Firm?

How to Prepare for Your Placement with Biotech Firm?

An interview is usually the last phase of an interview at a biotech firm. Passing an interview in a biotech firm is not an easy task. To ace such an interview it is essential to be prepared for the question types that could be asked. A positive impression requires a confident mindset when answering questions. Practice your responses in front of a mirror to gain confidence. Also, it would help revise your concepts. 

At BIBT, we have separate counselling sessions for students of B.Sc and Masters’s students. These divisions are created for students to be prepared for interviews and also for career path development. The Career development cell aids students to develop key strategies for making a good choice of careers. 

Preparing B.Sc. Students 

The B.Sc. students are given industry exposure from the beginning of their program. Consulting the students about various choices available through their program, students are trained to find a choice that suits them the most. All students are assigned mentors who guide them for their career development counselling. 

We encourage doubts and queries from learners. It helps them explore the various fields to choiise the best choice for them. Being a hub of research, our experts also conduct workshops where students reflect on their experiences during their academic and industrial exposures. It helps in assessing their understanding and decision-making. 

Preparing Masters’ Students 

The Career Development Cell (CDC) is actively involved in counselling master’s students. Further, CDC takes care of all the resources, right from the job search up to the last round of the interview, necessary for students’ career development. Some of the key functions of Career Development Cell (CDC) are: 

  • Link the recruiters with the job aspirants 
  • Conduct workshops on relevant topics 
  • Carry out doubt-solving sessions 
  • Conduct one-on-one assessment and review meetings 
  • Develop soft skills and behavioural changes 
  • Build an interview-ready mindset
  • Help in Resume assessment and counsel on the same
  • Provide various aids for networking with employers 
  • Review and envision the career choice 

How Do We at BIBT Make a Difference? 

Career development is the key focus of the CDC division. All students who need assistance in developing a proper career, and be placed successfully have to register for the same. Students are individually assessed to help design a career pathway for them. Our activities consist of: 

  • Assessing student journey throughout the program
  • Encouraging students for various initiatives
  • Carrying out a background check to find a relevant job
  • Matching competencies of students for various jobs available
  • Developing programs and activities for preparing students 

Through various activities, we ensure that students find the right motive and envision goals that lead to successful careers. Many of our students who completed their masters are owners of successful start-ups. 


The present era is a demanding era. Recruiters look for skills such as alertness, high calibre, thinking clarity, and high aspirations among the essential qualities. To meet the demands of this fast-paced era, it is important for colleges to prepare students for their career prospects. Remember to stay updated about the various trends and technologies of biotech. Biotech is a fast-changing field so staying up-to-date is essential. 

To prepare well for your interview, follow these steps: 

Do your research 

Prepare for your interview 

Know more about the recent trends 

Think about how you could be an asset 

Set goals and preferences 

Be sharp in your technical specifications 

And last of all, always practice. Practice is the key to boosting confidence. Remember that the key to creating a difference is having self-belief. It helps instil the right amount of confidence. 

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