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Top 6 Careers In High Demand

Top 6 Careers In High Demand

The Global Pandemic COVID-19 has already consumed the precious lives of many people around the globe. The devastating impact of the global pandemic is not only affecting the lives but also putting the livelihood of many people on stake. In India, the most pitiable condition is of workers and laborers who lost their jobs due to factories shut down. Various Departments, Companies, and other job groups have also fired many of their employees in a big number. Sectors like tourism, public transportation, and supply chain are most affected by this coronavirus pandemic and there is no hope of things getting normal soon. Maybe we face the worst recession this year.

In the fear of pay-cuts and lesser jobs, there are still some jobs in the Bioscience industry that are in high demand. The current situation has risen the demands of the following jobs:

Top High Demand Career Options in Bioscience during Corona Virus Pandemic:

  1. Biomedical Engineering:

As per a report of WHO, Biomedical Engineering acts as an important pillar to carry the burden of several medical conditions in the time of catastrophes, an epidemic, or any devastating situation. Now today amidst the COVID-19 spread, Biomedical engineering is playing an imperative role. The efficient healthcare delivery, multi-disciplinary research teams, and clinical staffs making strategies for COVID-19 management and working continuously on improving medical conditions are truly commendable. Working with limited resources various fields of Biomedical engineering are performing their duties and research works to control and minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that this field is currently working to a maximum of its strength. This is the right time when students can choose this field as their career. There are various courses in Biomedical engineering and choosing a bachelor’s or Master’s degree would be a great option. Because in the near future, there would be more demand for professionals to work in various fields of Biomedical Engineering.

  1. Medical Diagnostic:

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has affected a large group of the population around the globe and many of them are still unidentified cases. So to control this situation we need more testing to identify the positive patients of COVID-19. Due to a lack of resources and professionals, the testing process is not according to the actual requirement. The growing cases of COVID-19 require more trained and professional diagnostics to perform the testing job.

The diagnostic field is categorized as In-Vivo and In-Vitro segments. The in-Vivo segment is basically the radiology segment that includes procedures like CT Scan, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound scanning, PET, Sonography, and many more. Whereas the In-Vitro, also knows the Pathology segment includes tests performed on patients directly. In short, taking samples and examining them like blood tests and urine tests. Soon, we will require more services that work in the field of Diagnostics, Biotechnology, and screening. Therefore, students can choose among various courses related to medical diagnostics as the course will be in high demand in upcoming months.

  1. Public Health Sector and Epidemiology:

Epidemiology is the practice to find the reasons for diseases and health outcomes in populations. In other words, it is the systematic, scientific, and data-based study of causes and risk factors of health-related events and states in the human population collectively(city, state, country, world). The epidemiology sector also works on controlling the health situation and is the basic science of public health. Soon the demand will spike up sharply for appropriate personnel to conduct activities for controlling the disease.

Public Health refers to the science of prevention of diseases, prolonging human life, and enhancing the health with collective efforts and informed choices of organizations, society, public & private, communities, and individuals.

Overall, Public Health deals in improving the quality of human life by the prevention of diseases and it also includes the mental health of an individual. Opting for a career in public health would open career paths for students like Emergency Management Specialist, nutritionist, dietician, Epidemiologist, Microbiologist, Health Educator, Public Health Nurse, etc.

Students can opt from various courses in Epidemiology. The future needs more professionals who can take care of human health and work in healthy prolonged life. A professional degree in Epidemiology covers jobs in education, law enforcement, public policy, and more such fields.

  1. Bioinformatics:

Bioinformatics uses computer technology to analyze the information stored in certain biological data.

In this time of pandemic caused by the Corona Virus outbreak, we cannot deny the fact that Bioinformatics has contributed largely to the studies recently. From designing a synthetic vaccine epitome to examining the structure of the spike protein of Corona Virus to pre-clinical Drug discovery, bioinformatics has been used largely.

Bioinformatics has also played an important role in predicting the drugs that are suitable for viral targets. These predicted drugs by Bioinformatics are then tested in the laboratories for validation. This has saved a lot of money and also accelerated the process.

Hence, it can be stated that Bioinformatics has played a crucial role today and would be used largely in the near future. So, students can opt for their careers in Biotechnology and get good jobs in pharmaceutical, chemistry, biology, agriculture, medicines, and research works.

Other Career Options in Bioscience:

Apart from all these career options, students can also opt for other careers that would be in high demand in the future.

  • Nursing sector
  • Pharmacology
  • Nano-medicine
  • Immunology
  • Hospital administration
  • Health Informatics
  • Microbiology
  • Virology
  • Regenerative Medicines

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