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What are the career options for PCB students?

What are the career options for PCB students?

If you are one of those students who have it had enough of hearing about medical colleges or people asking about your NEET results? See with time, interests’ changes and you might not have the same mindset you had when you opted for PCM. Goals change, perception changes, and sometimes well-laid plans don’t turn out as they were supposed to.

Biology brings traditional careers to mind instantly like a doctor, medicine, Immunology, nursing health care, etc. But it’s not the end of the world.

Before looking for other career options than the general ones it’s better to go review your inspiration to choose PCB once again. Were you generally interested in the subject, were you ambitious to become a doctor, were your plans to do something or the other in the medical field, or it was a compulsion or a simple and better one than the other choice? Once you set your priority and perspective right it would be easier to find the path forward for you.

The courses after 12th PCB


  1. MBBS – It is the most common and obvious choice if you have qualified for NEET and got a seat in a college. MBBS in foreign college is also a popular option.
  2. Bachelor of dental surgery
  3. Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery
  4. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery
  5. Nursing
  6. Occupational Therapy
  7. Bachelor of Pharmacy

Now, the courses which do not require NEET are bachelors of science in the following streams:

  1. Bio-technology
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Nursing
  4. Anthropology
  5. Medical Sciences
  6. Genetics
  7. Biomedical Sciences
  8. Bioinformatics
  9. Rehabilitation Therapy
  10. Microbiology

And many more streams are available to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Let’s see the career options based on the streams after the 12th PCB

  • Botany

It is a very wide branch of the biology of plants. This field involves studying the types, structure, processes, growth, of plants. Research on new plant species and new hybrid species are also included. Plant interaction and their purpose in various industries like beauty, medical, etc. are all part of the botanical stream.

Career opportunities- after a degree in botany landscape industries, natural resources center, environmental consultancies, or organic companies, NGOs, etc are places to start your career. You can start as a researcher, teacher, consultant, nursery manager, consultant, taxonomist, etc.

  • Microbiology-

This field specializes in microorganisms. How microorganisms interact with humans, other animals, and bacteria, the environment is part of this field. Microbiologists research on the microorganisms and their effect on us.

Career opportunities– general employment opportunities are as a clinical researcher, research scientist, lab technician, quality control inspector, health sector officer, etc. there are many subdivisions which gives a lot of options.

  • Zoology-

Zoology is the study of animal anatomy. Animal structure, life processes, genetics classifications, interactions, etc are all part of Zoology. Zoologists can be found both in the labs and in animal habitats.

Career opportunities– you can find employment in animal breeding research, wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife biologist, teacher, etc.

  • Environmental sciences-

Regarding the current state of the world, environmentalists are the dire need of the planet. Environmental sciences involve the study of the physical, chemical, aspects of the environments. How these aspects change and what affects these aspects and how we can move to a more stable environment.

Career opportunities– After a degree in environmental sciences, you can join an environment research institution, at mines, water treatment plants, fertilizer industry, agriculture, etc. Basically, any organization which involves the environment in any regard needs an environmental scientist. Even the fashion and beauty industry needs environmentalists. With proper steering, an environmentalist can take his/her career in any sector they want.

  • Dermatology-

It is a medical branch specializing in skin treatment. Now, dermatology is not just limited to the treatment of diseases but has made it into a full-blown beauty aspect as well. This is a competitive field but the payback is worth all the hard work. With innovations and technology, anti-aging and skin enhancing have opened the gates of opportunities for dermatologists. Though you would need a bachelor’s degree in medicine to pursue a master’s degree in dermatology.

Career opportunities– you can own your practice, be a scientist for a skincare brand or a govt. quality inspector options are endless. You can also start clinical skin treatment and enhancing the venture of various sorts. Such clinics that give dermatological approved and clinical facials and treatments are very popular.

  • Pharmacy-

Medicine is one of the biggest markets of almost all the countries of the world. Without a pharmacy and a pharmacist, the medical industry would collapse. Dispensing and managing medicines and helping patients with the correct usage is the basic job profile of a pharmacist. They also make sure that medicine is not reactive to any other medicine of the patient.

Career opportunities– after completing your degree or diploma in pharmacy and get your license either you can set up your own pharmacy or join an established one as well. It’s a good-paying career.

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