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One Day National Conference EcoSDG Summit 2023

One Day National Conference EcoSDG Summit 2023


The EcoSDG Summit 2023 was a highly engaging and insightful event that brought together experts and enthusiasts in the field of sustainability!
The conference commenced with the presence of Dr. Rajendra Singh, a renowned environmentalist, who served as the Chief Guest and inspired attendees to take meaningful action for a greener future. Mr. Ajitabh Sharma, an experienced IAS officer, graced the event as the Guest of Honor and motivated the audience to drive positive change.
Throughout the summit, participants were treated to a series of captivating sessions and thought-provoking talks.
Esteemed speakers such as Prof. H. N. Verma, Dr. Meghendra Sharma, shared their insights and expertise.

The welcome address was delivered by Dr. Sudipti Arora, and an online address was provided by Dr. Manju Sharma.
One of the highlights of the summit was the Idea Exposition event called "Water-A-Thon," which invited young participants to share innovative ideas for the success of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Session I focused on the "Waste to Wealth Exhibition - The Best out of Waste Competition" and featured talks by Dr. Monika Sogani, Dr. Sudipti Arora, and Ms. Neha Agarwal. Session II had captivating talks by Dr. O.P. Goyal and Prof. A.B. Gupta. Session III was a Round Table Discussion titled "Accelerating Actions & Global Opportunities for SDGs," involving representatives from various sectors. Panelists included Mr. Satish Jain, Mr. Nanak Santdasani, Mr. Shyam Singh Rathore, Mr. Angraj Swami, Ms. Stuti Arora (Moderator), and Mr. Saksham Gupta, providing diverse perspectives on SDGs.
A poster presentation session focused on "Global Environmental Challenges & Solutions to progress towards SDGs," featuring 27 aspiring environmentalists. The event demonstrated a strong
commitment to sustainability using recyclable materials, effective waste management, and training on composting and sustainable living.

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