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World Environment Day Celebration

World Environment Day Celebration

Celebrate World Environment Day with Us! 

Join us for an exciting celebration of World Environment Day with our Art for Earth Contest 2024! This year's theme is *"Land Restoration, Halting Desertification, and Building Drought Resilience."*

*Mark the date and time: June 5th, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 12 Noon*

*Activity 1: EcoVision Reel*  
Showcase your dedication to the environment with a creative 40-second video. Highlight your eco-friendly actions like:
- Planting trees
- Environmental Education and Advocacy
- Sustainable Fashion
-  Using renewable energy
- Gardening and Urban Farming
-  Participating in community clean-ups

*Activity 2: Nature’s Palette*  
Express your creativity and passion for the environment through our online competitions:
- *Planetary Mandala*
- *Planetary Art*
- *Upcycled Artistry*

Create stunning works that highlight environmental themes and inspire others to protect our planet.

Join us and let your art make a difference! 

We look forward to your participation and celebrating World Environment Day with your unique contributions!

Let’s inspire each other to make a difference! 
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