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Online Education and its Impact

Online Education and its Impact

Hey folks! 

As we all know that due to Covid-19, the entire world was forced to go into quarantine and lockdown, everything was stopped from businesses to big corporate companies, shopping malls to schools. Life came to a halt to save human lives. Communication and technical improvements have made it possible for us to work, learn, and enjoy the safety of our homes, and they are now an integral part of our everyday lives. Online education has grown in popularity among working professionals and students pursuing higher education in this period of the “new normal.” The impact of online education has grown as a result of the variety of courses available and the ease with which students can access them.

Online Learning vs Classroom Learning 

While many professors and students appreciate online education, some are still uncomfortable with it and prefer traditional classroom learning. Online courses demand more drive and self-discipline than traditional classroom courses. Students sometimes complain about finding it difficult to concentrate and learn in online classes due to potential network troubles, excessive background noise, and a lack of a conducive learning environment in their homes.

However, there are many advantages of online education. It offers a better visual experience by including animations that can be used interactively for optimal learning and communication. It provides students with better learning options that are right at their fingertips. Even a simple smartphone in the hands of students can help them learn.

Classroom learning, on the other hand, allows students to communicate with their peers face to face, which can help students establish a stable environment for social interactions and even teach them the value of communication skills. 

Let’s talk about the impact of online education

Even if they are beneficial, the negative impact of online classes on students are seen. Aside from children being unable to study effectively, teachers are finding it difficult to adjust to technology, which frequently results in disruptions in teaching and learning. While online schooling is convenient, it also exposes children to screens and radiation for extended periods of time, which can lead to obesity, sleep disorders, chronic neck and back problems, anxiety, and worse test results.

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According to recent studies, excessive screen time can harm the brain’s “white matter” in kids of younger ages. Online education also necessitates the purchase of a proper internet connection, which is not cheap, and many students are forced to purchase laptops or new smart phones from their parents as a result of online learning and online classes, which some parents may be unable to afford, resulting in the child’s learning coming to a halt. Online education has also led to the neglect of students’ mental health, which has now gone unchecked for over a year, and professors may have no idea what their students are going through. 

Key Takeaways?

While online learning is a valuable tool, it has also led to students disrespecting their lecturers. Many incidents have been documented around the world in which students attack their professors, upset them, and even disrupt others’ studying.

In these critical times, internet learning is one of humanity’s greatest achievements, but if left unchecked and improperly utilised, it might lead to a disastrous future!

Author: Divyam Dave

College: Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology

Course: B.Sc Biotechnology Part-III

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