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Akansha Mathur

Akansha Mathur

Akansha Mathur

Research Assistant

Akansha Mathur is a Research Assistant at the institute in the field of Medical Microbiology. She is currently working on antibiotic resistance, statistical analysis, and molecular analysis, including RAPD and resistant genes, in ESKAPE pathogens. Her research aims to identify the trends of resistance in the Indian subcontinent and their impact on the population. As ESKAPE resistance is a significant source of infections worldwide, her work involves analyzing ESKAPE pathogens to identify their existence, correlation, diagnosis, and treatment for the Indian population.

Akansha is a gold medalist from JECRC University and has completed her Masters in Microbiology Honours from the University of Rajasthan. She is trained in Medical Microbiology from J.L.N. Medical College, Ajmer, and holds an International Diploma in Astrobiology from IARC. As part of her job, she is part of the Higher Education Cell.



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