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Dr. Shilpa Varma

Dr. Shilpa Varma

Dr. Shilpa Varma

Lecturer cum Manager-Prakrit

Dr. Shilpa Varma is a Lecturer and Manager at Prakrit Sustainable Integrated Foundation. She has a Doctorate in Biotechnology from Jiwaji University and specializes in teaching plant physiology. Her research interests lie in the areas of plant toxicology and organic farming. Dr. Varma also has experience in managing product services and training. She is actively involved in Prakrit, an in-house NGO at the institute that focuses on the development of sustainable products and consultancy. Dr. Varma's research interests include heavy metal detoxification, herbal drug extraction techniques, and medicinal plant farming. With six years of research work experience and 2.5 years of industrial training experience, Dr. Varma is a dedicated and experienced professional in her field.